Natural Cure for Dengue

Papaya leaves for dengue fever

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After a lot of research and tests it has been found that papaya leaves  could be a miracle cure for dengue fever. And the best part is, it is cheap and anybody can make it at home.

The essence of papaya leaves has been used by the people in sri Lanka to cure dengue fever that has been the cause for so many deaths during the rainy season in Sri Lanka. Nevertheless there was no scientific explanation as to the effectiveness of this home remedy. Ayurveda doctors have found that enzymes in papaya leaves can act against quite a few viral infections, not just dengue, and it also can help to regenerate white blood cells. Thanks to these recent findings a lot of patients have been able to completely recover from dengue fever.

Papaya fruit has always been famous to be good for the digestive system. mainly because of its rich vitamin and mineral content. Nevertheless its dengue-fighting properties have made it more popular as a healthy food.