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Turmeric better known as Curcuma is a rhizomatous herbaceous plant of the ginger family. In sri lanka mostly the roots of Turmeric is used for cooking purposes and  medicine. This spice is also known as Sri lankan saffron. Because it has almost all the qualities of Indian saffron which is very expensive. Indian saffron is a luxury that many people in sri lanka cannot afford, therefore most of the time people go for sri lankan saffron which is commonly known as turmeric.

 How Turmeric is processed in sri lanka






Fresh Turmeric roots can be planted and these roots will turn into a small plant after about 6 months time. When Turmeric roots are ready the leaves of the plant start to dry and eventually die. Once all the leaves are dead we know that the time is ripe for picking.

These rhizomes are dried  for about 30 minutes in the sun, after which they are crushed till it becomes an orange-yellow powder. And this we use for coloring and as a spice in food and curries .

Turmeric has been utilized in sri lanka and India for a great many years and is part and parcel of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic doctors recommend turmeric powder for skin deseases like psoriasis and gout.  In western medicine thay have come up with a pain killer for cancer patients using turmeric powder. 

Turmeric was initially utilized as a color then later for its therapeutic properties. Turmeric is viewed as a blessed spice in India and has been utilized as a part of different Hindu functions for centuries. Many Hindu people in Sri lanka also use it for cleansing purposes since turmeric is a good germ killer. Turmeric has assumed an imperative part in Hindu mysticism. The robes of the Hindu priests were generally hued with a yellow color made of turmeric. During Tamil celebration Pongal, an entire turmeric plant with new rhizomes is offered as a thanksgiving to Suryan, the sun god. 

so many are the uses of turmeric in terms of medicine and religion. When it comes to sri lanka termuric is a spice that sri lankans cannot cook without. In almost all the dishes of sri lanka there is tumeric. If you cook a curry with no turmeric in it and serve it to a sri lankan he will be able to tell you that the dish is missing turmeric. That is the kind of place turmeric has when it comes to sri lankans.

In sri lanka there is this potato like food called 'mannyok'. In some countries this potato like plant is known as 'yucca'. From those days there was a belief among sri lankans that this plant has a poison that can even kill an elephant. And when they cooked this food they advised everyone to cook it without closing the pot and with lots of turmeric powder. Because from those days people knew that termuric is a good germ killer as well as an anti poison agent.