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Ginger is among the healthiest and most tasty spices on the planet. It is stacked with supplements and nutrients that are healthy to your body and brain. Ginger is a blossoming plant that originated in China. It belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, and has a lot in common with turmeric and cardamom. The rhizome is the part mostly utilized as a spice. It is called ginger root, or basically ginger. Ginger has a long history of utilization in different types of conventional medication. It has been utilized to help food digestion, improve appetite and a good remedy for diseases like cold and cough . Ginger can be used  dried, powdered or as a juice.

The lovely scent and taste of ginger originate from its juice, the most essential of which is gingerol. Gingerol is the principle bio active compound in ginger, it is in charge of quite a bit of its restorative properties. It has cancer prevention properties.

Ginger has all the earmarks of being exceptionally beneficial against diseases. For instance, it has a long history of utilization as a sea-sick cure, and in Ayurveda it is a prescribed medicine for a lot of conditions like
diabetic and high blood pressure. Ginger may likewise calm dizziness and retching after surgery, and malignancy in patients undergoing chemotherapy. 

 Ginger is also good for inflammation. Doctors recommend ginger for bodybuilders since ginger helps the muscles to recover faster after a workout. But Ginger does not give quick results, it takes some time for ginger to work. A study has found that a blend of ginger,  cinnamon and sesame oil, can lessen pain and firmness in osteoarthritis patients when taken on regular basis. Apparently Ginger is also good for menstrual pain when taken just before the start of the menstrual period. Sri lankas mostly use ginger for cold, cough, stomachache and fever. It is widely used in sri lankan ayurveda too.

Ayurvedic doctors do not recommend ginger for pregnant mothers and those who have kidney conditions. The reason being the essence of ginger is very strong and must not be taken in large quantities. Therefore although ginger has all these amazing abilities to cure diseases, it is advisable to consult your doctor if you want to consume ginger on a regular basis and in large amounts.