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Cocoa tree, is a little 4–8m tall evergreen tree in the family of Malvaceae, local to the tropical areas of Africa and South America. Its seeds, cocoa beans, are utilized to make cocoa powder and cocoa powder is used to make chocolate, perhaps the most delicious food on earth. cocoa was once known as the food of the Gods because of its heavenly taste.

Once a cocoa fruit becomes mature it contains 20 to 60 seeds, typically called "beans", installed in a white fleshy substance. The seeds are the fundamental element of chocolate, while the fleshy part is utilized as part of some foods like fruit juice,smoothies, jam, and cordial. This fleshy substance inside  cocoa fruits has even made its way to some alcoholic drinks in many European countries.

ranweli spice garden

cocoa, one of nature's numerous wonders, is actually the super-food that a lot of people crave for. With cocoa or chocolate other so called super delicious foods do not stand  a chance. Cocoa puts other supposed super-delicious products to shame. Cocoa is a titan of medical advantages, any semblance of which mankind has never known. It is the significant drug that researchers and scientists struggle to find. If cocoa were a pharmaceutical medication, it would be hailed as the best prescription ever, and its discoverer would get the Nobel prize in Medicine.