Benefits Of Cocoa

Benefits Of Cocoa


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Cocoa was once considered by some as an unhealthy food but later on it was found that cocoa was phenomenally good for health. In fact, you could say that after water, cocoa is the healthiest known beverage you can put into your body. Be that as it may, cocoa is a nutritious food, and its worth mentioning the old saying"Let the food you eat, may be your medication". cocoa is Not just a food or a beverage, but it is cherished far and wide for its unique flavor, and for the way it improves your health. Thanks to science people have been able to discover more as to what cocoa is capable of doing. It has been found that cocoa and chocolate have unprecedented infection battling properties. Most prominently, cocoa exhibits huge advantages for the cardiovascular framework, serving to diminish the danger of heart assault and stroke, lessen the danger of hypertension, and even decrease the danger of malignancy. Besides, cocoa consumption is good for those who suffer from short term memory loss.

studies have found that tea, apple, onion, and red wine all help to lessen the danger of heart attacks, because they all have a cancer prevention agent called polyphenols. Yet out of all the foods, cocoa has the most noteworthy quantity of polyphenol, and gives the best cardio-assurance.

Cocoa can also decrease Sugar in the blood, and can regulate blood circulation. I know what you are thinking now. How can cocoa decrease the sugar levels in your blood when there is a lot of sugar in cocoa. Let me explain, Cocoa does not have a lot of sugar. In fact cocoa is good for diabetic patients. Even doctors recommend cocoa for those who have diabetic. The problem is we always get cocoa in the form of chocolate and chocolate does contain a lot of sugar and other substances. Because of this reason cocoa's reputation also has been tarnished. The best thing to do is to opt for pure cocoa powder and make cocoa drinks at home or go for dark chocolate because they have little or no sugar at all.

Cocoa is rich in feel good chemicals that help you to calm your mind and relax. Cocoa or chocolate is good for depression and for those who are in recovery as cocoa can be used as a good energy drink.

Chocolate milk, has an extra quality not shared by tea or coffee. Many gym instructors recommend chocolate milk as a post workout meal as it has all the nutrients to help your muscles to recover quickly.