Benefits of Cinnamon

Benefits of Cinnamon


We all know cinnamon as a good spice, and we use it in many dishes. But many are the other uses of cinnamon. Cinnamon is a good medicine for many conditions. In fact Cinnamon is used in many ayurvedic medicines. It is used when making Arishta (a tonic made of plants, fruits and spices) for conditions like cough, wheezing, asthma, etc. There are also lots of medicine made of cinnamon to enhance appetite. In certain natural energy drinks also cinnamon is used. There is a belief among sri lankans that the fragrance of cinnamon can calm ones's mind. As a matter of fact people in sri lanka used to make perfume and incense sticks out of cinnamon bark. So without doubt Cinnamon sticks have this aroma which has made it a popular spice all over the world.

Nevertheless there is a big difference between the smell of cinnamon sticks and cinnamon leaves. The essence of cinnamon leaves is very strong and we cant even beleive that they are from the same plant. And cinnamon leaves or the essence of cinnamon leaves are not recommended in cooking. But cinnamon leaves have lots of medicinal benefits and are used in many Ayurvedic products. The essence of cinnamon leaves is good for toothache, ear pain, and highly recommended for those who live in cold countries because cinnamon essence has the ability to warm your body up. So the next time your hands feel cold get some cinnamon essence and apply all over your hand. immediately you will feel a difference. 

Cinnamon has the ability to lower glucose in diabetic patients and is also good for high blood pressure. It is a good natural pain killer for those who have back pain, muscle pain and arthritis.

It has been found that it can bring down the negative impacts of high fat dinners. Studies have found that when cinnamon tea is taken after a workout it helps the muscles to recover faster. 

In Sri Lanka there are many oils and balms made of cinnamon for aches and pains. Some people even boil and drink cinnamon sticks because they believe that cinnamon helps them to look younger.